Strength. Reliability. Honesty.

Deltax exists to continually provide its current and future customers with a high-end product at an affordable price. 

Deltax is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of hydraulic shears and cable strippers for the scrap recycling, demolition and construction industries. Deltax equipment is unique, innovative and designed to the highest quality. Many of the components are created in-house, using only quality materials and latest production techniques. The company utilises new technologies such as computer aided design and manufacturing systems, and maintains an ongoing policy to constantly improve design and production, to ensure that Deltax consistently meets the changing needs of the industry. Most importantly for the company, Deltax has built a solid foundation and reputation for honesty, extensive knowledge, fairness and high-quality customer support.

All equipment is created to a high quality, offering longevity of working life and when maintained, holds a high re-sale value. In regards to its product range, Deltax maintains a wide varied range consisting of standard duty shears, heavy duty shears, heavy duty rebar shears, wire and cable strippers, vertical metal shears, scrap electro-magnets, mobile portable shears and specialty equipment. In addition, the company also maintains a well-stocked selection of common spares. 

In terms of its services, Deltax houses a team of highly qualified technicians, who maintain a plethora of expertise and experience, enabling them to provide readily available, in-depth and efficient assistance. This allows customers to gain access to a technician with the expertise to help them to restore the normal operation of their machinery, in as short a time as possible. Other dedicated services include telephone assistance for service requests, spare parts, maintenance advice and other support as requested.

Why Choose Us

Deltax is the market leader in hydraulic shears and cable strippers. The company is an industry leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of equipment and machinery for the  scrap recycling, demolition and construction industries, with what we believe to be the best aftersales support possible.

Our Approach

We take a personalised approach to each individual customer, ensuring that we provide support and practical advice to any customer when required on the maintenance and operation of the machinery we manufacture.